House Cleaning Services in Santa Rosa

It isn’t always easy to keep our homes clean and tidy. If you feel like you could use a few extra hands with your housekeeping, look no further than the professional home cleaners from Montes Janitorial Services. Our impressive offering of residential cleaning services is everything you need to maintain a pristine home without lifting a finger. Save yourself the time and effort that goes into cleaning your house, and give us a call today at (707) 360-7740 to schedule our services. 

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Comprehensive House Cleaning Services

When you have us taking care of your housekeeping, you never have to worry about hiring multiple cleaning companies. That’s because we work hard to provide a complete offering of first-rate home cleaning services that are guaranteed to keep your living space in perfect condition. No matter how extensive, complicated, or specific your cleaning needs may be, you can rest assured that we will get it done correctly. 

Some of the housekeeping services that we are pleased to offer include:

  • Dusting, vacuuming, and sweeping
  • Mopping
  • Bathroom cleaning, including toilets, showers, and baths 
  • Kitchen cleaning and disinfection of surfaces
  • Window washing 
  • Garbage disposal 
  • Carpet cleaning
  • And much more

If you need a service that isn’t listed here, all you have to do is ask us. We will be happy to discuss your needs and let you know exactly how we can help.

Save Yourself the Time and Energy of Cleaning Your House

As you are well aware, a lot of work goes into properly maintaining a home. If your other commitments don’t leave you with enough time to give your house the attention it needs, that’s where the value of our professional services really shines. After getting home after a long day at work, the last thing most people want to do is break out the mop and dustpan, but luckily Montes Janitorial Services is here to make sure you never have to. 

Keep Your Home in Top-Shape with Our House Cleaning Services

It doesn’t matter if you have company coming over or are spending a cozy night inside, having a clean home is never a bad thing. Thanks to our regularly scheduled cleaning services, you never have to concern yourself with the state of your property because our dedicated crew will make sure it is always clean and orderly. 

Spotless Home Cleaning Every Time

We put our full effort into every job. This ensures that we always feel great about the work we provide and allows us to maintain our consistent record of customer satisfaction. Our attentive crew will make sure that no aspect of your property is overlooked, and you are left with a high-quality clean that you can only get from professional cleaners. 

Get Us Started on Your Housekeeping

Our qualified team of cleaning experts would like nothing more than to help you keep your house in perfect condition. Focus on more important things and trust all your housekeeping in our capable hands. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (707) 360-7740.